James Anthony's New Show

Love It Productions and James Anthony, have created a new production that opened at the Hippodrome Theatre, November 2018.  The production theme presents the best of Sinatra's torch songs and swingin' songs lost over time, live with his 35-50 piece orchestra, a live feed to large LED or Projection screen(s) and dynamic lighting to offer a stroll down memory lane.  Working with our music orchestrator, we have selected a wonderful lineup of songs to perform that only James Anthony can sing it, so to leave you with a wonderful experience. 

James Anthony's new CD, "Blue Again, but That's Life", has been released and is now for sale on iTunes and Amazon, and can be heard on Spotify and Pandora.  James' CD has recorded a fantastic lineup of torch songs from the American Song Book, offering a tribute to the authors and a fresh dynamic take.  

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