James Anthony is an alpha singer and was raised from boyhood in Las Vegas since 1967.  He has witnessed some of the best entertainment in the showrooms of the old Las Vegas regime.  This includes working in the very places that many of the stars performed.  Places like the Circus Maximus showroom at the Caesars Palace as an usher during his teens and seeing such classic entertainment. James is inspired by those immortal performances throughout the '70s and he himself has reemerged as a vocalist with a new and intimate show performing as the last Torch Singer.

James has a long history within the music business and together with his music director Carlos Lopez, they have new arrangements of the swingin' songs from The Great American Songbook, Broadway songs, Ballads and more, and are excited to bring their show to your venue.

James Anthony's voice has a uniquely resonant tone, and is one that grabs you on the first note with a signature all his own.  As a trained professional, James Anthony is a man that will give you his best and he expects the same from not only the musicians performing with him, but the technicians and venue personnel as well, so as to give audiences the value they've paid for.

James is a former RCA Records session artist and touring artist from the 80s, inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Las Vegas and has returned to the music industry to share his unique vocal style that is becoming lost with time.  

James' CD, Blue Again, but That's Life, is released on the Warner Bros Level platform with sales and radio success.

James Anthony served our great nation as a U.S. Naval Aviation Veteran with squadron VA·122, NAS Lemoore.

Discography and Listening:
James Anthony's new CD, "Blue Again, but That's Life", has been released and is now for sale on iTunes and Amazon, and can be heard on Spotify and Pandora.  James' CD has recorded a fantastic lineup of torch songs from the American Song Book, offering a tribute to the authors and a fresh dynamic take.
You can listen to sample bites at the link that's at the top of the page CD - Blue Again, but That's Life

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